Hello! I’m a researcher, educator, and project manager. My expertise includes coordinating and managing research, policy, and public engagement projects, inquiry-based teaching and learning in K-12 and post-secondary education, and in-person and online course and workshop design.

I am currently an instructor in the Curriculum Studies Department in the College of Education at the University of Saskatchewan, where I teach social studies methods courses. My Ph.D. from the Faculty of Education at the University of Ottawa focussed on equity issues and civic education in teacher education. I’m passionate about social change, community engagement, and the role that education plays in both of these processes, and my teaching praxis is based in intersectional critical theory.


Doctor of Philosophy, Education | 2014 – 2020
University of Ottawa – Ottawa, Ontario

Concentration in Society, Culture, and Languages. My research interests include the intersections of anti-racist and civic education, representations of citizenship and social justice in curricula, teacher candidates’ civic and intersectional identities, history education, and inclusive education pedagogical development.

Course work: EDU 8105 – Contemporary Issues in Education, EDU 8106 – Epistemology and Research in Education, EDU 7396 – Techniques of Document Analysis in Educational Research, EDU 6428 – Social Contexts of Education, EDU 5466 – Racism and Anti-racism in Education, and EDU 6426 – Citizenship and Global Education.

Master of Public Administration | 2009 – 2011
Johnson Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy – Regina, Saskatchewan

Completed courses in project management, public finance, policy analysis, leadership and ethics, governance and administration, and social policy. My major research project looked at ways of increasing access to post-secondary education for underrepresented youth in Canada through early intervention programs.

Bachelor of Education | 2004 – 2009
University of Regina – Regina, Saskatchewan

Major in English education, minor in visual arts education. Completed an internship and subsequent contracts at an inner-city school, gained experience in traditional and project-based learning, and facilitated some sessions of an after-school art program.

Digital Portfolio

This site represents my engagement with the idea of curating a “digital identity” for myself – Ph.D. candidates and scholars are repeatedly told they must brand themselves as an individual in order to be ‘competitive’ – this idea runs contrary to the types of critical research and community-based learning that I engage with. Do future employers want an individualist, or someone that values cooperative processes, collaborative research, and collegial learning?

“Working in a university ‘sector’ hitched (more and more) to market values, academics have come to experience the pressure to promote themselves as brands. Indeed, scholars have been called on to “creat[e] a brand” (Meyers, 2012) and “curate [a] digital identity” (Marshall, 2015).”

Duffy and Pooley, 2017, p. 2.